Our Values

Stimulate - The initial step


The initial step

Some people can discover and set their own goals alone. Those one’s are already onto their path. But what about for the one’s who has not yet? Not everyone get to be at the right place and time to discover his or her true potential. We believe that there is an opportunity for Clear Sky to fasten this process of self-awareness.

Strengthen - The empowering step


The empowering step

Having the initiative to set goals is great, but how to make sure he or she can realise them? Moving forward is key in achieving an ambition; however, being trained on how to, largely increase its rate of success. We believe that giving the right tools dramatically improve the frequency at which those dreams realise themselves.

Support - The reinforcement step


The reinforcement step

Even after an idea has rose and the right tools have been given to realise it, the journey has only just started. How to make sure it can prosper? Mentoring and sharing day-to-day problems with people who have been through the same experiences gives determination to move forward into the good and bad of his or her adventure. We believe that this emotional support will maximise a project’s long-term success.


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